“I feel that people respect me more when I work, that's why I do not want to return as a  street child” (Fares, 14 years old)

"Once I was arrested by the juvenile police, I contacted my father to come and release me.  When we went out in the front door he said: I did what I own you, now you have to be  independent, and he left me there” (Abd el Salam, 16 years old)

"The husband of my mother told me he wanted me to leave the house before waking up the next  day, so I picked up my clothes and left the house at night" (Ahmed, 14 years old)

“I always want to stay in a proper shelter where there are good educators who can speak with  me and understand me" (Amr, 14 years old)

"I feel that if I'm away from the street I will not sniff glue, I’m thinking to go to a  shelter and stay there" (Hamada, 16 years old)

"I'm tired of the street; I want to go back to my father for him to teach me what is right  and true" (Mahmoud, 14 years old)

“When I grow up I want to work and organize myself my life, I want to be a "good" person. I  hope to work as a mechanician” (Mourad 15 years old)

“ My parents hate me, I do not know why. If they would love me, I would have stayed home and  not in the street” (Ahmad, 12 years old)

“When I took the "sarassir” (parkinol), if a train passes over me, I'm not going to feel  anything.  But when I'm awake, if you slap me, I will not stop crying” (Ibrahim, 17 years  old)

“When I inhale glue I feel I'm alive in a different world” (Nour, 14 years old)
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Samusocial (Ambulant Service of Social Emergency - Service AMbulatoire d’Urgence Sociale) is a non-profit organization focused on emergency intervention which reaches out to marginalized groups within a society whose major means of subsistence becomes mere survival. In its approach towards those people, Samusocial upholds the view that these people are "victims" of society being deprived of the access to major social, medical and legal services.
Created in 1998 by Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli based on his experience with Samusocial de Paris, Samusocial International is a French association under the law of 1901. Its goal is to support and improve the conditions of those excluded from society in major metropolises all around the world and to implement, foster and disseminate the basic principles, methodologies and professionalism of Samusocial.
Samusocial International gathers all existing Samusocial organizations all around the world which target various populations from homeless adults to street children. Field methods and approaches are promoted and strengthened through university degrees and professional trainings given to all staff members. 15 structures are now operational: Bamako, Brussels, Dakar, Cayenne, Lima, Algiers, Moscow, Ouagadougou, Bucharest, Casablanca, Fort de France, Pointe Noire, Colombia, Angola and Cairo.
All Samusocial organizations have signed the Charter of Samusocial International, which guarantees the respect of its professional ethical code of conduct, principles of action and methods of intervention.
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